Hello! I'm the person behind the username ConnectedPortal and I go by Leshy on the online world.

I am a UK-based programmer and artist who has been pursuing a career in indie game development for 3 years. I graduated university with a bachelor's in Animation and Games Production and have attended a bootcamp with Mastered to improve my programming capabilities.

My output tends to surround horror, media-analysis, and multi-media art of many forms. I work to explore these subjects in my own projects, but I have a desire to delve into a variety of genres beyond these if they help lead towards my core focus of creating intriguing characters and narratives.

I have a library of projects I want to work on inside my mind and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!

Current Game Project:

The Rift Between Us

The Rift Between Us Cover

His sister is lost and the world is turning unsettling and strange. Alex embarks on a mission to find his missing twin as he explores psychadelic environments, meets mystical entities, and re-ignite childhood memories that turn twisted beyond belief.

It is a horror, adventure game inspired by Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion that is planned to have a PC release, currently without a release date in mind.

More information about this will be hosted on my social media and the Games page throughout TRBU's development.

Current Comic Project:

The Eternal Witness

The Eternal Witness Cover

Camille returns to work at the company that has plagued his life without end, in hopes he can make fate change once again. Shay works their first job as an edu-tainer, but these animatronics are much friendlier than they're comfortable with. Management needs more workers as turn-overs and missing persons cases sky-rocket, hoping these new schmucks will stay until the bitter end.

The Eternal Witness is a mascot-horror webcomic, set in the 2000s, that follows Camille Beaufort and the O'Malley family as the dark endeavours surrounding their grand edu-tainment park that haunts them over 50 long years. Information about this series will be showcased on social media as work continues.


20/03/24 - Life Update

Will begin Twitch streaming on the ConnectedPortal channel from the 26th. The schedule will be every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting from 8pm GMT in either the Software and Game Development or Art categories.

19/03/24 - Website Update

Updated multiple pages:

  • Website
    • Changed link colour.
  • Home Page
    • Updated the About section.
  • Art Page
    • Added the Dogma of Rage piece to the 2024 Art Page.
  • Game Page
    • Added Cel Shader Test video to the Games Page.
    • Reformatted Games Page and added individual game pages for.
      • Soldier of Death
      • Glitch Busters
      • The Rift Between Us
  • Links Page
    • Added Twitch link to the Links Page.

09/02/24 - Website Update

Added and updated the 2024 Art page. Removed the "Looking for work!" sticker.

07/02/24 - Project Update

Uploaded to Youtube a speedpaint of the Cult of the Lamb Gods piece.

06/02/24 - Life Update

Joined Futura Games as an intern.

28/01/24 - Project Update

Joined the Global Game Jam over the weekend! Wasn't able to finish, but had a fantastic experience with the team I worked with.

18/01/24 - Project Update

Uploaded to Youtube a speedpaint of the Broken and Lost piece for The Eternal Witness.

08/01/23 - Website Update

Added video to Games Page.

28/12/23 - Website Update

Complete website overhaul:

  • Website
    • Added a "scroll-to-top" button.
  • Home Page
    • Re-formatted Home Page.
    • Updated Home Page project descrptions.
    • Added image galleries to Home Page Projects.
    • Updated background image
  • Art Page
    • Re-formatted Art Gallery.
  • Games Page
    • Re-formatted Games Page.

21/12/23 - Website Update

Added new art pieces to the Art 2023 page, edited project descriptions, added a comic project section, and included that I am open to work!

Website re-structuring is planned for optimisation and easier large-scale updates.

26/11/23 - Website Update

Optimised art gallery and added image previews.

21/11/23 - Website Update

Added links to mini game projects made and hosted on my itch.io page. Art page's scroll buttons fixed.

Planning to optimise the art galleries and update gameplay previews.

04/11/23 - Website Update

Added example GIFs and edited descriptions to the projects in the Games page. Planning to add Itch.io links and fix up the image galleries soon.

30/10/23 - Website Update

Finally updated website to showcase the overhaul update. Currently working on adding individual project entries for the Games page.

19/09/23 - Website Update

Complete website overhaul. Redesigned each page and removed excess elements for easier viewing.

15/09/23 - Life Update

Finally graduated university! I now have officially been awarded a degree in Animation and Games Production.